COVID threw a lot of things off this year, and our wedding was one of them. We were planning it last year and when COVID hit in 2020, we paused all planning. We decided to get married in the courthouse but when my mom and mother-in-law found out, they were not having it.

We needed a quick way to get an invitation out to guests because our timeline for the wedding was so short. I designed a digital invitation in Sketch that would match the decor\theme of the wedding and built it using Nuxt and Tailwind CSS. I deployed it to netlify and purchased a custom domain there which made deployment a breeze.

Soon after, a wedding was booked at the Hilton here in Ocala and it was on really short notice, so one night, I designed and built a wedding landing page. I used Tailwind, Nuxt, and Netlify to build this project and it was a great experience, aside from the form disappearing sometimes 🙃

high res image of the our wedding website

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