Don't believe everything you read on the internet


Do not take every article you read as gospel, and do not let one article kill your motivation to stop learning. Sometimes you read an article by a disgruntled developer who  is stressed out and ranting. For instance, if you are just starting to learn ES2015 and Angular 2, do not let one bad review by someone who used it in production for a few months convince you to stop learning. Learning a framework is a great vehicle for learning programming and development concepts.

As another example, many rails developers write code in a way that is “easy to test” and use this as a qualifying metric for how well-written their code is. I listened to a talk by someone complaining about this metric and bashing the fact that people concern themselves with how easy something is to test. Do not let this dissuade you from writing code that is easy to test! This speaker has probably been writing tests for a long time and is using an exaggeration to prove a point. Whether or not a method is easy to test is still a sound principle to consider when you are evaluating your code.