Renters Warehouse

My Role: UI, UX, Front End Development

What is Renters Warehouse?

Renters Warehouse is a real estate investment services company focused on two things: property management, and investment sales. I joined this company in January of 2018 when the startup I worked for previously (OwnAmerica) was acquired by them. Renters Warehouse kept our web team intact when they brought us in and we merged the sites together. We worked really hard to get it the platform where it is today and couldn’t be more proud of the interest it has seen thus far.

Increased Conversions by 300%

One of the quarterly goals our team received in 2018 was to increase leads to the main call to action, our Property Mangement services. The main lead gen tool we use for this is our Free Rental Price Analysis. We used a redesigned homepage hero section to increase engagement, and more than triple the amount of form submissions coming from the home page. This allowed us to meet and exceed our quarterly goal, while simultaneously driving more traffic to the Investor Marketplace through our new two-CTA form.

Zillow for Investors

Another recent success was our integration of MLS data into our search process. Renters Warehouse is powered by a Laravel app and a ton of Blade templates. Inside those blade templates we integrated numerous Vue applications and one exists on the search page that does something that no other real estate search does – filter\sort\search by ROI. Now our search page shows our off market listings, our properties for rent, and every property for sale on the MLS in the markets that we cover.

CSS at Scale

The Renters Warehouse application has a TON of moving parts. Bootstrap got us a long way, but custom components have been called for in many cases. BEM has been a huge help in keeping our CSS specificity low and our classnames descriptive. Refactoring has been a key part of keeping the codebase small as well. I have been working on this project for several years at this point and it’s fun to go back and take out unused stuff, and look at how far we’ve come 🙂