OwnAmerica (UI \ UX \ Front End)

My Role: UI, UX, Front End Development

What is OwnAmerica?

OwnAmerica is a single family rental powerhouse that recently launched its marketplace. We worked really hard to get it live and couldn’t be more proud of the interest it has seen thus far. OwnAmerica aims to inform its users who are mostly made up of investors make better decisions, access configurable projections, and many other tools such as OwnAmerica’s proprietary Financial Calculator.

My Role

My role with OwnAmerica revolves around UI\UX\Front End

Design Phase

It was my job to take their vision and translate it first into static mockups which went through numerous iterations. I designed the comps in photoshop and made prototypes in Invision so that stakeholders could click through each screen.

Build Phase

Once the designs were approved, it was time to start building. We started out with Bootstrap as our front end framework primarily because the application is large and can take full advantage of the framework, utilizing most of its components. Another developer was tasked with laying down basic layout markup based on our designs and we decided that I would follow behind, completing markup and applying styles. To start, I added a bootstrap_overrides directory into our assets/scss directory that contains all of the SCSS which modifies bootstrap CSS. Separating bootstrap customizations into these files will make it easier to update Bootstrap, further customize it, or remove it entirely if necessary.

Next Steps

This application has changed quite a bit since its initial design which threw off the “mobile-first” mentality. Once the key pieces of functionality have been perfected, a serious round of QA is in order.

Key Functionality

  • Financial Calculator
    • Allow users to manipulate values to show financial projections real-time for a given portfolio of single family rental properties
  • Manage Portfolios
  • Manage Listings
  • Manage Properties
    • Upload Bulk
    • One-at-a-time
    • “White-glove”
  • Account Settings
  • Dashboard